July 6th, 2009


Thornit Ear Powder

I am usually a bit sceptical about non-vet pet remedies, particularly ones that sound Victorian* and come in a little brown bottle with a homeprinted label - but this stuff is awesome!

It's loads more effective than any ear treatment we've ever had from the vet, and it has even sorted out Yama's ears - they tended to be perennially manky because of his sneezing problems, and the inside of them had actually got sort of distorted from being so waxy and horrible, but they are now almost clean and pink rather than ewwwww. It's also sorted out Az's minor ear irritation issue (? ear mites?) and Perl's itchy, dark-waxy ears. It is OK for cats and dogs. And it's easy to apply and if they shake their heads after you apply it, you don't get covered in Ear Goo.

Thornit ear powder

* well almost. Apparently it is "Mr W Watchman's proven formula from 1907" and now supplied by "Miss P Bett of Norfolk". Presumably it has survived all its contemporaries on sheer effectiveness, but I do wonder why vets sell you goops that are less effective instead?