July 1st, 2009


State of the garden & work

 The peas are storming away.  I think the Delikett are doing better and taste nicer than the Sweet Green.  Runner beans are in flower. 

However, putting strawbs along the edge of the bean bed has not worked well: they are North of the pea bed, so aren't getting enough sun and the berries are taking ages to ripen.  Next year, might move them to the south side of what is currently the pea bed, that way they'll get more light. 

Compost is rotting very quickly in this heat.  Sadly, my wormery worms perished this winter: I think the cold was too much, and possibly the drainage needed checking.  I've repopulated with a colony of worms from the compost heap, hoping they will do better. 

The peppers aren't growing as fast as I'd like.  I think they need more feeding.  I am liquid feeding with a seaweed based feed, but I think that the greenhouse beds could do with a good mulch with manure this autumn. 

Apparently it is the hottest day of the year today. For some reason this has caused all my clients to come rushing out of the woodwork wanting things done on their websites.  Sometimes my clients remind me of ants.