June 17th, 2009


The Devil's Vegetable

The Devil's Vegetable poll:

Poll #1416966 Sprouts

The Devil's vegetable is:

Another vegetable
Vegetables are grown and eaten only by the Good
Hell is too dark for successful vegetable gardening

In other news, I saw a male green woodpecker this morning, in the middle of an open field. He was industrously examining the fence posts. I think he must have flown in from the woods across the Tamar.

Minor grumble: my new, super-permeable contact lenses seem to be on slow focus. I can see things in a lot of detail, but changing focus on my eyes seems to take ages!

edit: dear me, the rich text editor gets its pants severely twisted once it comes to polls. Back to HTML editor...

Camera Lust

I have had my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 for three years now. It still works. It's still a pretty good, reliable camera. It takes decent action shots, excellent close-ups, has a good range of standard modes and if feeling industrious and perfectionist, I can improve results further by manually setting almost everything. I recently bought it a new set of batteries, some of which I haven't even used yet. OK, I am stuck with the one lens, but it's a pretty good one for the size. So, really, I don't need a new camera.  

Alas, I foolishly wandered near a camera review website today.  And I fell horribly in love with the new(ish) Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 - it seems to be the step forward in terms of a really small DSLR-quality camera that I've been looking for.  It's about the same size as my current camera, but with a bigger (and swappable) lens, and using an adaptor, can also take all these lenses.   The reviews say that it focuses as fast as any conventional SLR (important for all those running greyhound shots!). 

It's got no video, but then I shoot video once in a blue moon.   And as a final sign that it is made for me, it comes in red and blue as well as the standard boring camera colours!  I love blue or red gadgets! 

WANT!!!  WANT before we go to Iceland and have exciting new things to photograph!  Unfortunately it costs roughly 500quid that I do not have.   Woe is me!

Oh yes, and if I hadn't idiotically driven my car into a wall for no good reason I could probably just-about-not-quite afford to buy it.  Wail!  Curse!