May 27th, 2009


Car again.

Yet another update to say that I still don't have my car back.  They rang me today to say that they have just ordered in a tyre, and will call me on Friday 'to say how things are going'.

WHY WHY WHY did they not order the sodding tyre earlier?  And it takes 3 days to get a tyre delivered and fitted on a common model of car now???  When they got the car, almost 2 months ago, it was immediately apparent that the tyres had been damaged.   I can't believe they have found another excuse for delay.

In case anyone is travelling to Devon and Cornwall on holiday and happens to have a car accident this year, I strongly recommend that wherever your insurance company tries to send you for repairs, you refuse to have any work done at Exway Coachworks.
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Disturbing election communication

From Mebyon Kernow.  Big photo of 'No 1 candidate Dick Cole'.  He looks undead.

Inspects inside leaflet: OMG, they ALL look undead!  Could put caption under their photos "Mebyon Kernow : We Want To Eat Your Brains!"

Actually, their policies as described sound quite good, but then, who actually puts 'we want to eat your brains' in an election leaflet?  They are going to focus on the good-sounding ones.