May 11th, 2009


Other Bunns

Accidentally Googled rather than typing in the start of the URL of my friends page, and was startled and delighted by the sheer range and versatility of Bunns available. 

Jolly (or, depending on perspective, rather grim)  set of bunn-related Holiday Parks

Quality Beverages (I love this one.  There's something about the word 'Bunn-o-matic' that pleases me enormously)

Proudly independent fertiliser manufacturers (blended or straight!) 

A bunn footballer (Blackburn Rovers)

Author of some quite epically corny-looking books (I freely admit,however, that I am judging them entirely by the covers.  For all I know they are works of Great Lit.  However, all I am concerned about really is that they are Bunn-related!) 

This made me LOL: a bunn Professor of Decision Sciences (and isn't he cute?  He looks like a little hamster.  Might start eating a mealworm at any moment).

A Lighting Designer (which made me want to put on a Grand Exhibition of Bunns, and have this Bunn illuminate it. 

And then this Bunn can photograph it! 

I now feel a bit of a fraud: here are all these genuine Bunns, striving away in their various enterprises, and I am not a real one at all.   Though, next to my search was the offer:

Find cheap Bunn now Are you Looking for Bunn on sale? Check 6.500 shops for great prices!

I hope I'm not a cheap Bunn: surely this is not something for anybunn to aspire to.  :-D