April 19th, 2009

No whining

Various assorted burblings.

Saffy collie has a new home lined up.  She's here for one more week, then she's moving down the river to a new home in the middle of the woods.  Having her here has been a lot of fun, (Sooo much walking!  soooooo much!) but has confirmed my view that three dogs is Just Too Many, at least with  6 cats as well, and particularly when one of them is a needy walk-obsessed collie! Though to be fair, as collies go, Saffy is fairly laid back and relaxed in the house.

Very pleased with how well Mollydog has coped with extra-long collie walks.  That previcox she is on for her bad leg is good stuff!   Pix of yesterday's (two hour) walk are here: http://pix.clareassoc.co.uk/pix/thumbnails.php?album=22

Still no news of my car: I've rung a few times and get the impression they haven't even looked at the damn thing yet. I think this may be a consequence of all the major insurance companies only having about 3 'registered garages' in the region, plus an unexpectedly busy Easter weekend. Irritating: if they'd let me go to my local specialist garage I'd probably have it back by now. I'd definitely at least know what it was going to cost!

I'm regretting not using better compost for my pepper and aubergine seedlings. Even with plenty of liquid seaweed feed, they are growing far too slowly.

Bought some more solar lights for the garden.  I find the most reliable sort seem to be the ones that are designed to float on ponds, so are completely sealed: otherwise the water gets in after a while and they stop working.   They have a loop on the top so you can stick a bit of garden wire through and hang them on trees.

We have started the cats on 'senior' cat food.  Of course, the Bungles are not 'senior' (though I was surprised to discover that the vet considered the Hairy Bears at 8-9 to fall into that category) but Perl and Footie are (I can't remember their exact ages without looking them up.  This makes me feel guilty!).  Anyway, we have one bag of each, and are supplying one bowl of each.  I was expecting them to eat the normal stuff and ignore the 'senior', which has fewer calories, but in fact the reverse has been the case: the 'senior' has been scrobbled up with great enthusiasm.  Cats are odd.

Aargh day

Every year, there comes a day when suddenly, everything in the garden seems to be growing terrifyingly fast, and I panic and realise that I can't hope to keep up with it all and that if I take my eye of it for a moment it will all rush the house like a gang of triffids and There is No Hope.   I have decided to name that day.  It is Aargh Day.

I think it's probably impossible to avoid Aargh Day altogether, but my objective for the future will be to push AD back, and reduce its impact each year.

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On the plus side, my cherry tree is in blossom and if the dry weather lasts a few more days, it should definitely set fruit.  And the fig tree has figs the size of my thumb already, which I think is unprecedented.