April 5th, 2009

Mollydog goes boing

Garden and dogs

My radishes are pretty much ready to eat!  That was quick.  Planted some red cabbage, some more radishes, some lettuce and some basil, all in the greenhouse.  I removed nettles from the new raspberry rows, and a lot of grass around the hardy geraniums.   My compost heap isn't rotting down as fast as I would like: I think it's too dry.  If it were nearer the house I'd water it, but as it is, I'm hoping for rain.  This dry spring is fabulous but we really could do with a decent soak now, everything is so dry though it's only just April.

Saffy is getting on much better with the cats today, possibly aided by two lengthy walks.  She is now asleep on my foot, but has been off the lead around the house for most of the day with no problems.   We have someone interested in adopting her already, but the family is in Portsmouth, which may be a bit too far.