February 21st, 2009



I have planted some radish seeds (in the greenhouse for the first lot as it's still chilly) and turnips (under a cloche in the raised beds).

Considered planting some aubergines and physalis, but decided that I might as well give it a few more weeks as I've been caught before with plants that germinate fast and grow fast indoors until you have whopping great plants.  Then it's still too cold to plant them out so they get ever huger and more wobbly, and when you do finally shove them out they are all tender and feeble.

edit: rather than adding a new entry, I'll just note here that I have finally managed to get the rhododendrons and azaleas I was given for my birthday *last year* into the ground.  I gave up on my elaborate plan to dig big holes for all of them and fill with good qualify compost: instead I just cleared the ground (the bramble roots were the worst) and dug holes that were big enough but not excellent.  I'll try to make up for my neglect in future by feeding them.
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