February 13th, 2009

Oldies Club

Doc Martin on Ebay

The Oldies Club has been given a strange thing: a walk-on part in the TV series Doc Martin (set, of course, in Cornwall!)

We're ebaying it to raise cash for old dogs*.   Anyone interested, might know somebody interested, etc, etc: it's here.  You can even take your dog along if you have got one! 

(we were pursuing Martin Clunes in the hope that he might be persuaded to become our official patron: he was too busy, but donated this instead, which was nice of him).

* and boy, do we need the cash.  It's costing us about £300 per dog in vet bills at the moment to neuter/vaccinate/ treat any outstanding conditions and get dogs fit and ready for their new homes.  Many of the dogs that come into our care have treatable problems which have got worse simply because their previous owners were, for example, elderly and had poor eyesight, didn't notice problems that tend to crop up in older animals, were ill and unable to exercise or properly care for their dogs,  or knew there was something wrong but simply had no money to treat them or feed and groom them properly.