November 26th, 2008


Exploderous cat

Somebody (I suspect either Henning or a Bungle) has assaulted Kjetil, and made a small injury to his neck.. I thought it was just a scab at first, but when I tried to tease the scab out of his fur, my fingers quickly became covered in very strongly smelling icky goo, which he then happily smeared all over my clothes, purring loudly all the while.  Yes, he has an abcess.   Loverly.  

I've cleaned it up - at least it's open and able to drain now, but there seems to be a lump under there and although he doesn't seem generally ill, the area is tender, so I think we'd better get him to the vet for some antibiotics tomorrow.
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Pay as you throw

Just seen a news article saying that 'pay as you throw' rubbish disposal is on its way.  The report didn't deal with the 2 things that immediately leapt to mind:

1) isn't this going to increase fly tipping?

2) On a personal note - if you live somewhere where you can't have a standardised bin (too steep!)  and have to carry your binbags to a central location, how can the binmen tell whose rubbish is which?
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