October 2nd, 2008


Reading assistance greyhound



the expression on his face in the first pic makes me laugh.

I have intermittently thought about qualifying Molls as a pets as therapy dog or something like that, but don't really have the time, and anyway, I can't easily take Molls but not Az anywhere because Az doesn't cope well with either busy situations or being left alone. And he would certainly not make a good therapy dog, he needs therapy himself!  Poor little wuss.
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Evening on Dartmoor

This evening I went and gave Trish a lift - she is doing a John o Groats to Lands End sponsored walk. She has a camper van, but her support driver has had to go home so she needed someone to drive her back to pick up the van at the end of the day's walk (otherwise she has been walking back to the van at the end of the day - effectively walking the whole way twice!)

She insisted on coming for a walk with me and the hounds afterwards despite having done 11 miles already that day. There was the most amazing evening light on the moor:

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