September 9th, 2008


The happy apple tree

The apple tree that used to be in the middle of the shrubbery was always a bit of a disappointment. It usually had some apples, but not very nice ones, and they were always a bit scabby and not very appetising. It had problems with some sort of rot that affected the tips of its branches and made them fall off. To be honest, I almost had it removed when we got rid of the rest of the shrubbery, but I decided it could have a chance as an island tree first.

So this year it's been on its own, and I gave it a bit of a mulch with some lawn clippings because I was too lazy to carry them to the top of the garden.

I now have what may be the world's happiest apple tree. It practically stands there humming to itself and dancing. The tip rot has completely vanished, and it is laden with delicious red apples which are pretty much scab-free. Result!

The apple trees at the top of the garden are not doing quite so well this year, but I think perhaps they are getting a bit congested. This winter I shall chop everything right back all around them and hope to be swamped in a sea of apples next autumn.


While failing to work I am half listening to Dara O'Briain doing some comedy routine on tv. He has just done some limp jokes about the job title webmaster:
a) not being a 'real job' because the title didn't exist 10 years ago
b) being done by men who cannot relate to women
c) confusing it with basic computer repair.


a) Not even true! 10 years ago is 1998! 1988, maybe.
b) Is it me, or are webmasters surprisingly often actually webmistresses..? It's almost like being a journalist, it's not even a particularly techy skill a lot of the time.
c) Just 'eh'. Can anyone actually believe this?

Dara O'Briain is only 36! He's younger than me! How come he's doing a routine that sounds like it came from 1995? Bleh!
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