September 4th, 2008


The Voice of Mollydog

There exists a particular sort of person that converses with you entirely through your dog, like this:

Random person (addressing dog): "Are you a rescue dog?"
Bunn the Voice of Mollydog: "Yes, she is"
Rp: "Are you a greyhound?"
BtVoM:"yes, she is a retired Irish racing greyhound"
Rp: tells a brief anecdote about Ireland *to the dog* without even looking at the owner.

Rp (addressing other dog) "And what about you, are you a greyhound too?"
Bunn the Voice of Az: "no, he is a whippet cross greyhound lurchery thing"
Rp: "And what is your name?"
Bunn the Voice of Hounds: "the ginger one is Molly and the grey one is Az"
Rp solemnly greets both hounds by name...

... and so on. This can continue for some time without the humans ever exchanging either their own names, or speaking directly to one another at all.