August 27th, 2008


In which Mollydog rescues a rabbit

Coming back from our walk today, I heard a rabbit screaming. The hounds shot off into the bushes to find out what was going on, and found a fox in the process of catching a rabbit. (probably a rather young inexperienced fox, as the rabbit made so much noise).

Az ran right past the rabbit, after the fox (honestly, that dog only sees things that move, I think he needs specs! ) leaving Mollydog with the rabbit. Mollydog may be the world's least rabbit-huntingest sighthound, she usually doesn't even bother chasing them, but she obviously felt she was supposed to do something, so she prodded it with her nose.

Rather to my surprise (and hers) the rabbit got up and dusted himself off, looking a bit confused. So she prodded him again. And he turned round and loppited into a bush.

So, one very lucky rabbit there, and one poor fox cruelly deprived of his breakfast!