July 3rd, 2008


Garage: out of 10

10/10 for booking my car in for MOT straight away within a couple of days
10/10 for offering me a courtesy car when I mentioned I might have difficulty getting a lift

3/10 for booking the car in for a service when I'd specifically said it had been serviced in Nov and that was only 6,000 miles ago.
0/10 for failing to record the bit about the courtesy car in the appointment book!

But with a bit of luck, saved by:
8/10 for listening when I explained that I didn't want a full service, so much as the mysterious disappearance of oil problem to be sorted out. (this is why the mood is hopeful, I am hoping that this bit will actually happen).

11/10 for thinking outside the box, and not having a spare car available, offering me the garage van instead. Never driven a van before, but it got me home! I felt a right fraud with 'Sponsors of Walkhampton Football Team' emblazoned on my rear window though.

and another 10/10 for simply handing me the key rather than making me complete forms in triplicate and bring my insurance cert with me.

Much taken with this car, which was for sale there. But
a) I can't really afford it, and
b) I suspect it would be a bit cramped for the hounds.

But it's yellow! I love yellow cars...
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Please describe the problem...

Dear customer
If you report a problem with your website, it would be enormously helpful if you could see your way to describing it in more detail than 'There is a problem with my website'.

Also if I send you a list of detailed questions about the problem, answer the damn questions. Do not, instead, send me a series of increasingly wild theories about what you think is causing the problem, without actually telling me what the problem is or how you encountered it.

The reason you did not build the website yourself, but got me to do it, is that you don't know how they work. Therefore, your chances of diagnosing the mystery problem with, or without the aid of divining rods, is very small. If by some miracle you achieved this, your chances of communicating it to me, when you don't know any of the right technical terms and instead are using words you made up randomly, is also, very small.

Also very small are my chances of seeing directly into your brain and using your eyeballs to see what you are seeing.

DESCRIBE THE PROBLEM! How hard is that???

Honestly, next time I get this I am going to suggest that the website must be haunted (probably by the ghost of a previous developer who died of pure frustration) and recommend an online exorcist...
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