June 24th, 2008

Oldies Club

Random updates

- I have run out of coffee.  Woe is me.

- I went for a walk this morning up on Cadsonbury hill fort. I always forget how steep it is till I am half way up!  I saw a lot of little brown butterflies, a GINORMOUS black dragonfly, and a vast rabbit, which I thought was a hare at first.   The whole hill was covered in tiny flowers.   Dogs got rather hot and were very pleased to come back down and soak themselves in the river at the bottom of the valley.

I wonder if the original Iron Age hill fort builders carried water up to the hill fort, or just had dew ponds on top and walked down to the river? If they carried it, rather them than me!

- Saturday was cold and wet and foggy, so we went down to Seaton to the beach in the hope it would be drier.  Which it was, though not so dry that the beach wasn't mostly empty, which pleased me and the hounds - the hounds because they could rush about, and me because I could let them without being worried they would knock someone over or steal their picnic.  There is a place where a stream flows behind the beach, which was well provided with big flat stones for skimming, and philmophlegm did an  impressive 10+ bounce skim.   In the stream were small black and white fish, which kept leaping out of the water just far enough away that we could not see them properly.  Well, I'm assuming they were fish.  For all I know they were tiny penguins.

   We had lunch at the peculiarly named Peasant's Cafe - particularly oddly named, because it was clearly the posh cafe, the cheaper place that serves pasties and tea and has cheap plastic chairs was called the Beach cafe.  

I suspect that the Peasants don't normally allow dogs, but they'd have been fools to turn us away given that there was only one other table full in the whole place.

I am off camping with the hounds at the Oldies Club camping weekend on Friday.  Hope it doesn't rain - I hadn't realised it was Glastonbury weekend - and isn't it Wimbledon as well..?  Good grief, with both those rain-attracting events going on we will be lucky not to be washed out to sea and never seen again!
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