April 25th, 2008


Return of Futurama

Though a random googling for something else, I found myself reading This Wired article about Futurama and was delighted to discover that more Futurama is being made. Maybe I'm odd but I like Futurama better than The Simpsons, it always seems to be full of people I know (or would like to)

However, the reason for this post is not just to share my delight, but also to share this paragraph of the article, about David Cohen, one of the co-writers. I feel some of you will appreciate it:

"After he started working on The Simpsons in 1993, he became fascinated by the "freeze framers" — obsessive fans who videotaped episodes so they could pause them and look for gags that lasted only a split second. So he gave them little Easter eggs. In a 1995 episode in which Homer Simpson enters an alternate universe and becomes a 3-D model, Cohen inserted an equation into the background of one scene. It seemed to offer a counterexample to Fermat's last theorem. Then he lurked on the alt.tv.simpsons newsgroup to gauge the geek response. (Confusion at first, then astonishment when they tested it, then despair when they discovered that it was accurate only to eight decimal places. D'oh!)"
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