April 2nd, 2008



The Baytril has not helped Joop Bunny's infected ear much. They think there is an abcess down there somewhere.

They are going to put him under anaethetic and try to clean the ear out thoroughly today. Fingers crossed it works.

EDIT: 4:30pm: just had a call from the vet: the abcess has ruptured: they have cleaned it out, but he may not make it because it's fairly advanced.

I am not entirely happy that the abcess wasn't picked up the first time I brought him in, when the ear was already discharging pus, and that they put him on Baytril for 5 days instead of dealing with it straight away. 5 days of an ear abcess is not good. I think now I should have pushed harder for more to be done, and taken him back on Mon, not waited till Weds. Easy to say now. :-(

EDIT2: They have sent him home with more Baytril, to come back on Sat. I also have some Gentamicin ear drops, to be administered 3 times a day. He has also had injections of Antisedan, Baytril, and Rimadyl.

His eardrum is burst and he is having difficulty balancing. I asked if we should be giving him something stronger and was told the injections should sort it.

I am not feeling a lot of confidence in this vet. So far, the guys on the Refuge forum reckon he should be on Septrin, or possibly Duphapen (penicillin), and Rabbit Rehome suggest penicillin, an x ray to find the source of the infection, and an operation called the zepp procedure.

I think tomorrow I shall call the local rescues and ask if they can recommend a really good rabbit vet.
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