March 18th, 2008


Hedge in the post

1,000 snowdrops and a copper beech hedge have just arrived. The courier said 'should there be a shovel with that...?'

We are nothing near ready for the hedge yet, so I will have to get onto heeling the bare root trees in ASAP so they will last till they are needed.

What with the azaleas, rhodos, snowdrops, hedge and the ferns my mother gave me, it's starting to look like a nursery here!

Oh, I forgot that with the other Burncoose things, we also got 2 more Japanese painted ferns (Athyrium niponicum), a couple of nice big wild primrose plants that I intend to split up, and an extra blueberry. The blueberry is 'Jersey' which I hadn't realised can grow to 7 feet tall! Will have to find a good spacious spot for that one.

One thing I did think at Burncoose: it's an amazing place, but it would be awfully handy if they would mark maximum growth sizes on things.
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