February 3rd, 2008


Snowy day out

This morning we could see that the snow on top of Dartmoor was *still there*. In fact, there was even more of it! It had even snowed down in our village, though only very slightly and it was almost gone by the time we'd got up. So we went to scale the heights to find some snow. And we found some! It was quite shallow, but enough that some people were sledging, and others were building tiny snowmen.
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Mooli and chowchow

In the greengrocer in Tavistock, I found some Unusual Vegetables: mooli and chow chow. I am sure they came with insane numbers of food miles but I am bored of leeks now.

I had not seen either before, so will have to experiment. This: http://www.newindpress.com/sunday/sundayitems.asp?id=SEL20060310072052&eTitle=New+Age+Living&rLink=0 makes chow chow (or chayote) sound so amazing that I almost want to grow it, though I bet it's not frost hardy. See what it tastes like first!

Any recipe recommendations for my Unusual Vegetables?

I bought a box of physalis as well, which made me wonder if I should try growing those again. I don't know why they are always imported from so far away when you see them in the shops, as I have found they grow perfectly well in an unheated greenhouse in my garden: they seem to have similar requirements to tomatoes.

I also got some lychees. I do adore lychees and you usually can't get them here. alas, I fear they are one fruit I shall never be able to grow for myself!