January 15th, 2008


Infernal boilers

The dratted boiler is playing up again. Once more we are without heat or hot water because the temperamental machine has decided that actually heating water is a difficult and complex task that it really cannot face just at the moment, when it's feeling so emotionally unstable...

Boiler engineers are on their way this afternoon, so that is one piece of good news. I bet they will as usual demand half the kingdom and the hand of the princess in return for fixing the damn thing though.

It was August last time this happened. The boiler is still not yet 3 years old!

If you are buying a boiler, avoid Keston, would be my advice.

Update: boiler man has been, boiler now working again. The gas tap was stuck closed. He doesn't know why. He has unstuck it. He blamed Calor and said LPG was too sticky and changed too much in formulation between tanks.

Bollocks to that: I've lived with LPG since I was 12, on and off, and I've never seen this before. I reckon that the LPG version of the Keston boiler is not well adapted to LPG, that's what I reckon.
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