December 17th, 2007


On cats

This weekend we had not one but 2 cats with hairballs - Henning and Footie. This bears special mention because I can't remember the last time any of them had hairballs - ages ago, certainly. I think the food they are on now has helped: it's not an anti-hairball formulation but none the less the number of hairballs has gone down to almost 0 since we switched, even for Henny, who is hair enough that you'd think he'd get them often. Apart from this weekend of course.

I held Henning down and brushed him all over, removing a small Henningsworth of fluff to prevent a recurrence. He likes having his beard groomed, but not his stomach or back legs, so he was not happy about this, but I gave him no option.

This sudden display of firmness seems to have brought dividends - this morning Henning was at full tilt chasing poor Footie up the stairs when I shouted 'HENNING! NO!' To my considerable surprise, Henning stopped and ran the other way, leaving Footie to make good his escape. Yay, I am Master of Cats. At least, momentarily...

Our cat hierarchy has switched again. The Bengals have been demoted. I think it now looks something like this:

Yama Suma

though actually I'm not sure that works, because it doesn't take into account the 'pairs' system - Perl and Footie are a pair, despite being at the top and bottom of the tree respectively, and Henning and Kjetil are a pair. Also Kjetil will assert himself against Bengal lunacy if sufficiently provoked, though it doesnt' come naturally to him.
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The spreading of the merry virus, sweet singing in the choir...

My cold came back yesterday. Not that it had ever been away properly, but...

Today, I feel a lot better but am still producing a fine crop of mucus. I have a meeting with a client this afternoon. If it were a different sort of client, I'd be tempted to ring and ask them if they actually want an exciting new strain of virus delivered to them just in time for christmas.

However, given this particular client always winges and moans about our temerity in declaring the company closed (except for emergencies) between Christmas and New Year, I feel that they would, in some obscure way, feel this was Wimping Out. So I shall take them my festive virus and wish them joy of it. It's an airport, it's probably already full of bugs.

We finally got our company Christmas cards (Oldies Club ones, of course!) done and posted this morning. Rather late, I know, I hope they actually get to their destinations this week.
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    And the cold came back, the very next day...