November 28th, 2007


Doing The Wrong Thing

I have a cold, and I'm going to have to take it to the doctor. This is annoying. I'm pretty sure the doctor doesn't want my cold, and nor do all the people in the waiting room. Plus, there I am tying up important NHS-type people with an untreatable minor virus that will get better on its own. Taking a cold to the doctor is one of those things you aren't supposed to do, right?

The reason I need to take the little bugger in is that is has provoked my (normally almost non-existent) asthma into a show of rampant wheeziness whenever I lie down. If I were a careful and provident asthmatic, this would not matter, I could just have a good whiff of my inhaler at bedtime and go to sleep. But I'm not, I'm a lazy and optimistic asthmatic with no current inhaler - so I've just spent a couple of nights wheezing like a very elderly set of bellows, propped on a mountain of pillows. I haven't slept well, and the cold has taken advantage of that. Bastard.

Because the silly asthma is usually so utterly insignificant, I have basically ignored it for years, so when I phoned up today to ask if I could have a new inhaler, they said 'no, you haven't had once since 2001 so you need a checkup first'. Which I suppose makes sense, but it's not like the checkup is going to find anything significant. Bleh.
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I always thought it was just a nutty conspiracy theory, but no, the moon landings really were faked.

Yes, I do have things to do. But as a result of the aforementioned cold, my ability to actually do them is almost 0. I can't go to sleep because of the wheezing, so I am reduced to foofling randomly round the internet, trying not to break stuff.
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