August 24th, 2007


Woe are grapes

Our grapes, which have done so well for the last 2 years, have been afflicted with some dreadful blight. Most of the grapes have shrivelled and gone prematurely purple. I don't think there will be many ripening properly this year. No doubt this is down to the almost endless dratted rain. (the rain has stopped, at least for now, and it's now a blindingly hot summer day. Too late for the grapes though!)

I have had quite a few figs, but the early crop is now over. There are lots of figs on the tree though: will they manage to ripen before the autumn???

It's a stonking year for blackberries. They seem to love the rain. I picked quite a lot yesterday, and am thinking of blackberry and apple jelly (we also have absolute oodles of apples).
I was expecting Mollydog to pile in and eat blackberries too, given her interest in strawberries and raspberries - but she doesn't seem to like them. I spotted a fox munching blackberries from the hedge last week though.

I thought the hazelnuts weren't as good this year, but I now think that's only in the least sheltered places, where many of the nuts have been knocked down by the wind and rain. In the sheltered hedges, there are loads of nuts ripening nicely.
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