June 7th, 2007


Strorbris & Rarsbris!

I have just been wandering round the garden with Mollydog, both of us stuffing ourselves on strawberries (I insist on having the first pick: she gets to eat the ones that are ripe but have been pecked!). It's all a bit overgrown but there are so many plants there were lots for both of us.

I had some raspberries too, though there aren't many ripe yet and those are out of Mollydog's reach. I knew there had to be some advantage to being human... Az thinks we are both very odd. He's not a fruit dog.

While we were up there, Mollydog dug a very small hole, for no apparent reason. Rather hot weather for digging, specially for a greyhound, but she seemed to enjoy it.

I'm having to be terribly careful about when I walk Mollydog at the moment, as she is so prone to overheating and dehydration: much more so than Az. I think Az's whippet/collie elements make him a bit tougher in the heat.

Last night, I pruned the grape vine and cut back some of the millions of ferns. Brian the Wildlife was here on Tues: he was explaining recording using the DAFOR scale (Dominant, Abundant, Frequent, Occasional, Rare) and couldn't decide if ferns were Abundant or Dominant in my garden. I took this as a hint. Though better ferns than nettles!

Edit: I have just discovered I am a googlewhack for both 'Strorbris' and 'Rasbris'. I thought I was quoting from some children's story, which may have involved a wombat. Or not. Anyway, that was some very very fast spidering to be in the database so very quickly.