May 15th, 2007


I just don't have the skills...

Further to the discussion about cats and keeping them in the house, I have failed. I just don't have the cat-fielding expertise.

We are still keeping the Bengals in at the moment, until we are sure they know where they live and are happy about it and won't wander off or get lost or anything.

A bloke just came to the door to talk about some hedges we want cut: I foolishly didn't properly close the inner door of the porch behind me before opening the front door to him, and both Bengals immediately bounced happily down the stairs and straight outside, even though it was pouring with rain!

Cue me and the nice hedge-man spending the next 20 minutes hunting happy Bengals through a soaking garden... They thought it was marvellous fun. My socks are wet now.
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