May 14th, 2007


Garden update

A quick note about the garden.  Sadly the cat-and-car-related excitement of the last couple of weeks has not been good for it.   Also, it has rained a lot.  The result is that some of my seedlings that should really have been potted out weeks ago have perished, and everything else is looking disturbingly shaggy.  With a bit of luck I can do some mowing this week, if the rain holds off, and then I can do real gardening at the weekend.

I did get some weeding and trimming done yesterday, which is fortunate, as our front steps were starting to look like we had pricked our fingers and gone to sleep for a 100 years.

I can see a hawthorn in bloom from the upstairs window that has to be in our garden somewhere, but I have no idea where the trunk might be attached.  It's a bit disturbing.
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