March 20th, 2007


Haunted doorbell strikes again

After a long period of basically behaving like a doorbell and making only one noise, and only when called upon to do so, the Doorbell Poltergeist has returned.

Rather than ringing the doorbell when there is nobody there (and sometimes refusing to ring when there is someone there), or doing that odd humming thing he does sometimes, today he was simply sitting in the bell and whistling in an ear-piercing manner.

He could clearly hear me coming, because the first few times he stopped whistling when I stood up to track him down. But I am too sneaky to be caught in such a way.  I crept up on him through the other door, caught him at it, took his cover off and gave him a good clonk.   I hope this will be a lesson to him.
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USA: not mostly harmless

Travel insurance providers have a sort of list of places you can go in order of scariness, and apparently the USA is right at the scary end of the spectrum.  The last form I filled in had a choice of 'Europe'  'world excluding USA & Canada' and 'world including USA & Canada' .

Surely there are other places that are more likely to produce insurance claims than the USA?

Why did I agree to this again...?  The USA is not a part of the world I've ever felt drawn to visit, and flying all the way there for a 2 day course is ludicrously polluting and probably going to be extremely dull as well.
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