January 31st, 2007


I love spam...

I know it's a pain, but how can I hate it?

Today brought the tantalising news headline: "God Denies Talking to Pat" About what? And who is the reporter who thought he might have been and contacted the press office for a comment?

I also received the stark warning: "Earnings: profit falls": a tale of woe in three words. And a truly irresistable invitation, albeit couched in rather over-familiar language: "Hey chum, be Michaelangelo"

And who would not wish to attend the event: "Ragu badgers football" - presumably a sporting event in which our largest mustelids play ball in a field covered in unappetising pasta sauce. Or possibly the Badger Football is sponsored by the sauce-makers?

If I had no other form of entertainment at all, I think I could keep busy for years writing spam-inspired short stories. All the world is there.
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Creating favicons

I always forget how to do this properly. Maybe if I write it down it will get a hold on my brain.

What is a favicon? It's that pencil thing up there at the top in the address bar. It can be any shape, but for LJ it happens to be a pencil. Google's is a rather dull G, and Amazon's is a rather funkier 'a' with an arrow.

Make 16 pixel square image, no transparency.

Open image in Irvanview, and save as favicon.ico, remembering to set the transparency at that point.

Do not, under any circs, use bloody Iconedit, which is a terrible, terrible program and doesn't support transparency either.
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