January 13th, 2007


If you have a border collie, don't do this.

Today's transport run was a 12 year old border collie: Sam.

His condition was really disturbing. He stank. He was full of fleas, with a big bald patch on his back. His claws were so overgrown they were twisted and some had broken : he was overweight and his muscles were so weak that he couldnt' get into the car. When I picked him up he felt like a big soft pudding.

He was handed to the Oldies Club after being surrendered by his owner (after considerable persuasion from Social services). He had not been walked in about 2 years, they estimate.

I've just boil washed everything that was in the car with him, and I think I may boil my clothes as well because I've got a flea bite on my stomach!

If there is one dog that needs walking several times a day every day, even when older, it's a border collie. Grrr.
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