July 19th, 2006


Hot, annoyed rant

Hated Webhost of the Week: Easyspace

They have a whole setup of forms that make it look like you can set up and configure your hosting nice and easily yourself. This is a LIE! Practically everything useful is nothing but a mailto form that asks someone to set things up manually - and they take Aaaaaages! I've got a support request that I submitted Monday morning that hasn't been looked at!

Also, annoying little things like you can't actually use their webmail login link if you are already logged into their control panel. Presumably you are supposed to remember the direct address of their webmail system. GRRRRRRRR. And they emailled my main account password to me in plaintext.

edit: ARRRRRRRGH - I just downloaded the software they were failing to give me the download address of, having phoned and refused to go away till they told me - and it is knackered and falls over! I only ordered the thing as a favour for a client who wanted a real cheap content management system with no install time. B***ocks to that.

Though, not as annoying as the RAC. Perhaps I am overreacting here, but I really feel uncomfortable if I am phoning an organisation of which I have been a member for 15 years, and before I can give them a new credit card number, they want not just my name and membership number, but my full address, postcode, date of birth and car registration. They don't need all that info to take a payment, they just don't! I'm trying to give them money! Asking for my date of birth when I'm about to give them my credit card number gives me uncomfortable identity-thefty feelings. These was perhaps unfairly exacerbated by the quality of the line, which made it pretty clear that the person at the other end was in Bangalore and no doubt being paid some absurdly tiny wage.

Possibly if it had been cooler I'd have just given my details, but when they asked for date of birth something snapped and put the phone down and took out a new policy with Britannia rescue instead.
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Sale of 'real ' dog treats.

Did you know that you can bake a cake for human consumption, and sell it at your local county fair for charity - but that you cannot bake a bag of dog treats and sell it at the same event, unless you can provide a composition analysis of the contents (as well as an ingredient list and weight measured on an Official Scales)?

I could do weight and ingredients but it's ridiculous to pay out for a lab analysis of a few bags of sardine cake: it would wipe out the whole point of it!

I can feel myself becoming an Angry Old Woman by the minute today.
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