July 14th, 2006


Glaurung has been rehomed

A new home for Glaurung*?

Glaurung was quite powerful when he was young, but he is quite elderly now, and is not up to keeping up with the younger ones, so he is seeking a new retirement home. Glaurung is quite big, so you will need some extra space for him. He will not easily fit under a desk or into a corner, and I am afraid he is also extremely ugly so you may want to hide him under a throw or something. He is currently living in a house with cats and dogs, though I am afraid he does not like the cats much, particularly their fluff. He may be better in a cat-free home.

At present, Glaurung is in good health, though he may require a transplant at some point in the future.

However, he is not particularly demanding, and if you have space for him will sit there quietly getting on with anything that is not too taxing for his elderly brain.

Update 14/7/2006 - Glaurung has been transferred to Greyhound and Lurcher Welfare Rescue where he will be cared for in a permanent foster home.

*Glaurung is our oldest and least beautiful computer...
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