April 15th, 2006


busy weekend...

Somehow, 'going to meet a lurcher' this weekend has turned from 'maybe' into the dog's owner coming down to stay in Somerset with her sister, us meeting up to check the dogs get on, then coming on to my house to stay if all goes well.

So it's been a frantic couple of days:

- cutting the hazel hedges to get free fencing materials

- making fence and trellis out of surplus hazel to ensure that the barriers are up to at least 5 feet all round the garden

- going to buy a dog crate, 2 new dog beds (upstairs & downstairs) & a new lead and a big bag of Chappie (he eats Chappie, which isn't as top-end as what Mollydog is on, but I want to transition him slowly. Actually I want to transition both of them, because at the mo both of them are eating stuff that contains battery chickens.)

- swapping it for Java's crate (because a dog does need a bigger crate than a minute elderly cat, and also the crates at the pet shop were about twice the price of the Ebay ones, and as Java has a litter tray in her crate, it makes sense for her to have the rustproof one. I had to buy from the pet shop because I needed it by tomorrow)

- carrying the big crate upstairs to Mollydog's room (and shutting my fingers in it accidentally ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!)

- moving the 3693 things Mark had piled in all surplus floor space to make room for the crate.
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