March 30th, 2006



Giving my spam bin its not so regular review, I am intrigued to discover that I have received a number of invitations to expand or improve my 'unit' 'thing' or 'item'.

UNIT? Are there really people who refer to their private parts as 'units'? It sounds very Lego, somehow.

I was briefly most concerned about the email with the title 'Sweep and Mop with One Device' but perhaps fortunately for my sanity, this did actually prove to be someone advertising a floor cleaner.

I also got an offer of 'the only right fix for losing the bricks'. I was intrigued enough to actually read that one, but I still don't know if 'losing the bricks' is a sexual or a financial euphemism...

However, the advice 'to grow thinner, diminish your dinner' was right on the money. The essence of all diet books, distilled into 6 words: I didn't even need to read the email, only the title.

Why is it that Korean and Chinese spam features photos of white non-asian-looking people?
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