March 21st, 2006


germination & potting on

The packet of impatiens has yielded 26 plants, which I have now potted out. It's so cold that they are still all in the heated propagator. The petunias have not yet been separated, but I have moved them out into an unheated one - well it's not really a propagator, it's a plastic packet that used to have apple turnovers in it. Still, it gives them a little protection from draughts (and stops Kjetil putting his honking great paws on them).

I think there are a couple of pepper seedlings showing but they are so tiny yet that they could be random other seeds volunteering into the compost.

Still only one sweet pea. :-(

I still haven't planted squashes or beans. This is partly because of the weather, but also because our BRAND NEW boiler has decided to throw an emotional wobbly and will only turn itself on if supplicated in exactly the right way at the right time of day. Possibly it is hoping for a blood sacrifice. If so, it will be disappointed: a gas man is coming to poke and prod its internal organs instead.

At the moment I wish I could climb inside the heated propagator and work in there in the warm.
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