March 11th, 2006


Shouting at the Telly

I just rewound the Crufts that was vaguely playing on the TV in the background to see if it said what I thought it did, and it did.

1) Labradoodles, what great hypoallergenic dogs they are and shortly to be recognised as a breed*

but dwarfed by:

2) Loon presenter1 : 'you do a lot of work for dog charities don't you'
Loon presenter2 : 'yes, I bred my collie and gave 1 of the pups to Mountain Rescue and 1 to hearing dogs for the deaf'*

*hang on, that's a crossbreed. They don't breed true do they? And the allergenic thing is a bit of a gamble because of that. Also it's not the fur that people are allergic to, it's the dander. So if people are breeding crossbreeds hoping they might not shed, it's because they don't like the hoovering.

* because, obviously, there is a huge shortage of border collies. Collies are *never* put to sleep ALL OVER THE BLOODY COUNTRY EVERY DAMN YEAR BECAUSE THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOMES FOR THEM!

Now to try to write a polite and reasoned email to the BBC...
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