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A boxer is imminent

I have another foster dog booked, supposed to be arriving Saturday if the volunteers come together for the transport run. She is Tara, a 10 year old white boxer. Never really known any boxers, so this is going to be interesting.

She's coming in as a bit of an emergency: the owners have arthritis and osteoporosis and are having to keep her in a crate a lot of the time in case she knocks them over: apparently she is quite lively and will jump up, and being a boxer, is naturally pretty boingy anyway. They are considering having her put to sleep if they can't move her, so I hope the transport run does come together in time. She's in Liverpool, but we've been unable to find a closer foster home or rescue space.

Researching boxers, the one thing I notice on all the boxer websites is the advice to make sure they are taught not to jump up as puppies before they get too big! I assume the owners missed that bit out 10 years ago. Let's hope old dogs can pick up new tricks...

She seems to have a fair bit of stuff with her: the list is:
Folding Crate, toys, cushions, feeding bowls, vaccination certificate, pedigree papers.

If she has pedigree papers then maybe she will actually turn out to be a boxer rather than yet another peculiar and unlikely-looking crossbreed, but as there is no photograph yet, I'm not counting on it! I'm glad she has her own toys, I was just wondering whether to get something boxer-proof: my dogs like soft fluffy toys but I'm not sure they will stand up to energetic boxer play.

I am also told that she eats only Baker's Complete dogfood, which may further explain the problem boinging and jumping up. If there is one food with a reputation for making dogs hyperactive, it's Baker's. Will be interesting to see what difference a proper dogfood makes: the change in Sacha's coat in just the a week and a half she was here was quite striking.

Brace for drool...
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