October 12th, 2005



I finally lost my cold Collapse )

Dratted washing machine died this weekend - I suspect the plumber who installed the new boiler of clonking it about rudely when he moved it to get at the pipes [insert expression of brooding fury]. The man made such a mess - we are still finding little bits of solder and copper pipe strewn in and outside the house - and he left the old boiler in a heap in the back garden rather than putting it tidily in the skip - I would put nothing past him. Can't prove it though so there is nothing to be done but curse and buy a new washing machine.

It is nice that nowadays they have to take away the old one when they bring a new one, as long as you ask. It probably doesn't encourage repair and recycling though. The old machine was the cheapest one you could buy in 1996, if I remember rightly. I am pretty sure the new one uses a lot less energy and water, so I suppose that is something.