September 22nd, 2005


OMG! Accident.

Mollydog just got hit by a motorbike.

She is OK, but she has a small puncture wound on her bum and is a bit bruised. She was a bit freaked out, but is now fast asleep. (I am a quaking wreck). She was on the lead of course, but it is a narrowish road with no pavement, and so far as I can remember through the shock, she sort of jumped sideways when she heard it come zooming up behind us and it hit her on the bum.

The guy on the bike sort of paused a little way up the road, but I'm afraid I lost it and yelled at him 'what the fuck were you doing' and he rode off again.

We were only on that road at all because I'd just managed to run over a rock that took out both of my tyres on one side. I was only taking her out for a quick walk, so I had no phone, no RAC card with me. But we weren't very far from home so I decided to walk back. Bad mistake.

I am in debt to a lovely lady who saw the accident and took me in, gave Mollydog a treat while she fraternised with her lurcher (and quickly forgot the whole thing, I really hope!) and me a cup of hot tea, then ran me home in her car. It was the best luck that Mary had a lurcher, because that was really interesting for her and they had a good time sniffing round each other.

When Molly tried to have a poo it hurt her and she screamed :-( so I think she must have quite a bruise.

I thought I was fine till we got home and I'd rung the RAC, then I burst into tears and couldn't stop for ages, but I am OK now. Though the RAC aren't helping - apparently the local garage that was supposed to be picking up the car got 2 calls to the same area at the same time, and managed to lose mine!

They now say they will come and get the car from where it is tomorrow and take it to a tyre place. I am just glad I did get home - if I'd had my phone with me I'd have called from the car and waited - and I'd be seriously stressed by now!

One thing that makes it worse is that both the RAC and the local garage, on hearing the car was a Subaru Impreza, automatically assumed that I was speeding. And I really, really wasn't: it's a narrow winding road, I had the dog in the boot, I was in no hurry : I was doing about 35 and it's a 40 limit. Polo is away as well, just to make things worse, and (to complete the jeremiad) I have just had to buy a new boiler, as ours is failing, so I could really do without having to pay for 2 new tyres as well.


I really hope it is true about bad luck in threes, cos I've had mine now.