September 6th, 2005


Future positive

A&T, my colleagues and relations, have decided that they settled down and became sensible far too young, and now want to go off and explore the world. This is excellent for them, but a bit alarming for me, as it leaves me with a whole pile of customers, no programmers, and no-one but me to answer the phone (well, apart from Polo one day a week).

I was feeling a bit down about this. It is scary. I am nervous.

However, I've now got my act together and started talking to a couple of local freelance programmers. I am reminded that the big problem for programmers is that they have problems talking up sales, and the big problem for people who buy web stuff is that they don't know the words and have no idea what's easy and what's hard. I'm now feeling a lot more confident that I can get on and bridge that gap, even if I am doing it on my own.

Just hope I don't get ill, and that I can make some alliances with reliable people. After all, usually it's the getting the customers that is the hard bit, and that bit is done now, so it's just a matter of keeping the good word of mouth going...

I think maybe it can work after all. I'm almost excited!
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