August 12th, 2005


Fig Fig Fig! & Dog & Egg. Oh, & book.

I fear my entries in this journal are a sad mishmash. Ah well.

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Mollydog knows how to eat eggs! I came across a site that suggested a raw egg from time to time was a good treat. I thought she'd splash it everywhere so I took her out on the lawn - but no, she took it from me and held it carefully in her mouth, then put it down and held it in her paws while she nibbled a hole in one end so she could carefully tip the white out and lap it up, before taking more shell off and sticking her tongue in to get the yolk. Very expert, though still not something to try on the carpet, I feel.

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Spam names

I just got a spam from "Hester Knutson". What a name! She has to be some kind of Viking maiden aunt! Excellent.

Even better, the spam was from the domain which sounds like it should belong to fish enthusiasts (in fact it's something Japanese, I know not what).

I can just see Hester feeding her prize tench while wearing her horned helmet*.

*yes, I know. But it completes the picture nicely.
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