July 29th, 2005


...Via the BT test socket

Well the ADSL *sort of* works. Zen get a Gold Star for correctly diagnosing that the BT engineer 'I haven't been doing these installations for very long' had incorrectly wired up the main phone socket, AND coming up with an effective workaround - but a Stinking Dead Rodent point for their total inability to deliver hardware. We went to PC World in the end, which meant:

- I had to break my resolution never to buy stuff from PC World

- I got an overpriced Belkin wireless router rather than the very nice Draytek one I really wanted

- I had to be bitterly sarcastic to the guys at Zen to prevent them from charging me a 'restocking fee' for a router they had failed to deliver as promised (I was: they withered).

- I had to spend what felt like WEEKS in a BT queue, then explain my problem to Bangalore, then to Edinburgh and finally to Birmingham. Birmingham was the only one who didn't reply with terrified incomprehension.

- I learnt that 'modem' has become industry parlance for 'thing what connect you to internet' even if it don't modulate / demodulate any more. Like Hoovering with a Dyson.