May 12th, 2005


I like this heading. Woohooo.

I just wrote a document entitled "Search engine friendly URLS & Leather Sofas."

This heading pleased me strangely.

Went photographising last night, as this week's course assignment is taking pics in the dark without a flash. It's difficult round here, because there are no streetlights and people tend to go to bed early, so there is surprisingly little time when there are house lights turned on after nightfall now the days are longer.

In the end I drove to somewhere with streetlights - Saltash - and took some nice pics of the bridge all lit up and lights reflecting in the water. Then on the way home I stopped to take pics of cars with very slow shutter speeds, so the headlights all made interesting lines of light.

(Anyone who hasn't been here may be wondering why I couldn't take pictures of headlights from my house. Because we get about one car an hour along the lane, is why ;-) )

Polo pointed out later that wandering round alone in the dark might have been a bit dangerous. I said there wasn't anyone around. He said that is the point.

You can't live your life in fear of meeting a random nutter though, can you? I was wrapped up in a woolly jumper covered in dog hair, large muddy shoes, sagging trousers and a rather farmerish hat. I was not, in short, an object of allure.

(I suppose I don't really believe there was anything out there more scary than me :-) )
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