March 22nd, 2005


More dog stuff.

I have created a website - - for a new group who are working to help rehome older dogs (roughly 8 years plus) in the UK. Old dogs have a crap chance of finding new homes from rescue centres, and as a result they are less likely to get pulled out of the pounds that have a put to sleep policy for strays. So, the plan is that our group will help to promote older dogs that might otherwise be forgotten - partly through the website, but also by putting up posters all around the country telling the story of our featured dogs.

There's a lovely old greyhound I keep coming back to : he is 8 years old and has been stuck in kennels for years eating soft food, so only has 4 teeth left. He's not a featured dog yet, but I think he might become one...

Started Mollydog on Synflex liquid glucosamine on Friday. It's supposed to be more easily absorbed and more effective than the pills she's been having for her arthritic wrist so far. We will see. She seemed to be a bit better yesterday but I foolishly took her walking in the woods and after flinging herself up and down the banks after squirrels she was holding that paw off the ground again. Drat.

Butternut squash soup is really nice. And apart from the squash, all you need is stuff you mostly have in, like onion, garlic, a stock cube and olive oil. To my amazement Polo likes it too, even though it contains vegetables. I haven't told him it has garlic in though....

Built a tiny MySQL database and a php tool to query it all on my own from scratch, without nicking any code today. I am so proud. Dunno why I find database programming so absurdly hard, whereas css, which seems to fox many people, comes easily. Odd.