January 24th, 2005


Stinky smoke

The local news is saying that a non-smoking pub has just been opened by Wetherspoon in Exeter. This is thoroughly excellent. If this trend spreads pubs might actually become tolerable places to spend time even for asthmatic types like me (obviously People Like Me are the most important people. I don't care about all those smokers with their civil liberties ground ruthlessly under the oppressor's heel).

They should abolish those dratted smoke machines as well - not the dry ice ones, the other sort that create a sort of haze. One of those almost slew me at Polo's work Christmas do this year: it was the worst asthma attack I've ever had, and of course because I hadn't had an attack for over a year and was all poshed up, I didn't have my inhaler in my pocket. Scary AND embarrassing: a double whammy.
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All your accountant are belong to us

Polo is going to work for us! Well, part time anyway. He has asked his employers if they can spare him one day a week, which is coincidentally more or less what our little company can afford to pay him for. This means I will be able to say farewell to the bloody invoicing at last, O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! However, this does mean we need to win more work - stress stress stress.

Winning work is a strange task as when we try to sell stuff to people they rarely want it, whereas if you tell people you can do what they want but it's not a great idea and will cost them, they become ever keener and add more and more features and new ideas!

This is weird. I have a theory that most advertising Does Not Work. People are so bombarded with ads, letters, calls, emails that unless you have come up with an idea they've never heard of before, they are just put off by being sold to. Whereas if you find someone who has a vague and woolly idea of their own, no matter how vague and sheeplike, you can nurture it into something they will eventually pay you money for. This is why spam continues to happen: it is so cheap to send that if you only hit one person's woolly idea and annoy a thousand thousand other people in the process, it still makes a profit (Ok, a dirty, nasty, horrible profit that they should damn well be ashamed of...). People are strange.

Battlestar Galactica
I really, really like the new series. I was wowed by the pilot edition, but the series itself really is something very special. I feared it would reflect the extreme cheesiness of the original without the charm of the period, but no, the characters are well developed and (and sometimes very strange), the acting is excellent, and almost uniquely for a science fiction series, *no-one is wearing any forehead makeup*! It's quite a dark story, only very roughly echoing the original concept. But good.

I love the conceit that everything on the Galactica is kind of clunky and seventies and oldfashioned looking deliberately because it was about to be made into a museum when the Cylons attacked.

I don't know when it will be on terrestrial TV, but if you aren't already watching it on Sky, look out for it.
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