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Impressed with Rackspace

Credit where credit is due. I have contact with a fairly wide range of hosting companies, and Rackspace are the best I have ever had to deal with by a country mile. It probably helps that they don't do shared hosting at all, only server rental. You pay for what you get, but what you get is *really* good.

I sent them a message asking about modifications to configuration at 2pm. By 7pm they have sorted the mods and send a comprehensive message explaining exactly what they have installed back again - that's pretty good. Their server is fast -well, it should be - and they maintain the hardware as well as the software and keep you updated about exactly what they are doing.

And it's consistent too, I've never had the experience, all too common with other hosts, that I've carefully explained exactly what I want to know/have changed and they send me back a generic answer that doesn't fit, for example. Nor do I ever feel that I am dealing with someone who understands less about their service than I do, which is always a bad bad feeling. (Actually reading this it sounds like my expectations are pretty low, and I guess they are! Reflection of the industry, sadly.)
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