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Things done and undone

Things done
- finally replaced those dratted bulbs in the porch and outside the front door. Now visitors no longer need to bring torches after nightfall.

- Encouraged by this, bought a replacement wall lamp to replace the knackered old floodlight on the wall. Probably the energy will be gone by the time it gets here though and it will spend the next 5 years in the utility room.

- homechecked someone to foster cats for a rescue. Philmophlegm decided to come along when he heard it was a cat homecheck, and was rewarded by the chance to meet a Burmese and an Asian cat.

Dog occurrances
- email from my mother to say her dog Ronnie is probably on his last legs after having a sort of fit. He has had a steroid injection : hoping this may improve his condition.

- found next door but one's young Staffie upside down in my bag of dog food again yesterday. She gets in through the cat flap. To my eyes she is too skinny for a young dog

- Mollydog is walking quite well now and did an almost 2 hour walk on Saturday. The pin in her leg is still just visible. I've lost her magnetic collar and have now ordered a replacement. To my surprise, this didn't instantly cause the old one to resurface but no doubt it's only a matter of time.

Things undone
- Redesign of an annoying little site. Site owner agrees that current layout is functional and effective but says it lacks 'zing'. What that means only he knows. Actually, I don't think he does know.

- forms to allow people to send unnecessary details to a monstrous State database.

- various irritating amends and reports which I quoted too low for in a rush of enthusiasm in September but really need to get my act together and get done anyway.

- dratted new blinds for the bathroom which I meant to fit months ago

- more forms for the Oldies club site to collect volunteer data, collect more information about dogs to be surrendered, and allow information collected that way to be edited and managed.


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23rd Nov, 2009 17:45 (UTC)
found next door but one's young Staffie upside down in my bag of dog food again yesterday.

Aww, bless. That's very sad but it did make me lol.
24th Nov, 2009 16:48 (UTC)
She makes me lol, she is only a year old and mostly made of flubber. Whenever she breaks out and comes over here all the cats look at her with vast disapproval.

Am hoping to convince owner to have her spayed, we've already had the talk about food.
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