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Asking Views

The card machine at the Coop has taken to asking questions while you wait for shopping to be scanned.

Some of these questions I was heartily in favour of , for example:
"Did you find everything you were looking for" is an excellent question for a supermarket to be asking that has been known to run out of bread, milk, lemons, bananas,tinned sardines etc entirely by 6pm in the evening.

I can even cope with questions like "do our ethics make it more likely that you will shop at the Coop' because although there is an obvious quibble over putting ALL the ethics into one giant pot, and I would definitely like to add footnotes like "if you are that ethical how come none of the meat in your fridge is either free range or organic" and "dubious about the concept of ethical supermarket" and even "my personal ethics prefer THESE bananas" ... yet on the whole, I can probably say a generalised 'yes' to the idea of ethics in food shopping.

I'm not sure about the "were the staff neat and clean" type question which seem a bit intrusive, but I can honestly answer yes to all of those as they are a lot cleaner and neater than me with my wellies and post-dog-walk birdsnest hair.

Today's question: "Is it good that we support Variety Club" though - I have no yes no answer to that. My first reaction is : What the f*ck is Variety Club? And in what sense 'support'? Do they mean they currently fund it, whatever it is, or are they asking if they should fund it, or is this 'support' more in the sense that they take all Coop employees down to cheer it on Saturday afternoons?

Despite the lure of being asked for an opinion - with buttons to press that went beep! I had to ignore it. SO HARD!


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19th Nov, 2009 20:45 (UTC)
Dammit, I've just been to the co-op and they didn't ask me I thing. I feel thoroughly under-represented now. And they were out of BBQ pringles.
19th Nov, 2009 23:13 (UTC)
You mean all Coops don't do this, it's just ours? :-o

I confess, I got so annoyed with the empty shelves at 6pm that I used to email the Coop head office with messages like 'no bananas AGAIN'*. I wonder if those emails were actually read?

*yes, I know this makes me sound like a weirdo. Hey ho.
(Deleted comment)
20th Nov, 2009 21:08 (UTC)
Yes, I don't see the point in complaining to the checkout people that there are no bananas, it's not like they can do anything about it. I assume that the Questioning Machine routes its answers to someone who can actually do something with them...

I did ask the checkout person if she knew what Variety Club in the question was, but she claimed ignorance. Though of course it may be that people had been asking the poor woman the same thing for hours and she was fed up with explaining!
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