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I had a go at a rather stylised painting of greyhounds. I really liked the pencil sketch, but it went horribly wrong when I applied paint, and in the end I gave up without finishing it. Probably this would have worked much better as pen and ink.

I decided to practice some clouds. First, I tried to copy a photo, using the knife. It took aaaaages and the clouds still look a bit stiff and unlikely:

Then I tried another photo again with the knife. I think this one is better, probably because it's dark enough that there isn't much detail on the clouds anyway and it's a stronger image to start with, but it still took amazingly long to do.

Then I did some clouds with a brush. So much quicker, and the clouds look more real, I think. This probably needs something in the foreground but I don't know what yet.

Bit of a change from clouds, I drove along this road this afternoon: the sun was quite low and it was shining down the tunnel of trees and reflecting off the wet road, looking rather lovely. I'm pleased with this one (and I did it really quickly with the brush, no photo and no sketch at all, which probably proves something)
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