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State of the Mollydog

Mollydog is still slowly, oh so slowly, healing. Today she had the cast removed, and is now wearing a much lighter bandage. The difficult thing is that the cast over her incredibly thin greyhound skin which sits directly over her bones with precious little in between tends to rub and form ulcers. But the leg still needs support until the bones have grown together properly to support the knackered tendon. So, still no exercise and twice weekly bandage changes. Today's X-ray looked OK, but we'll know more in a week or so.

Her back leg is now looking very obviously wasted and you can see the bones right the way up to the pelvis :-(.

Just to add to the excitement, she has also developed two fun new moles, one of which was cracked and bleeding. They have removed the bleeding one and sent it off to be analysed. Please cross all body parts you possess that it's not a sign of something horrible.

Embarrassingly, after being able to see the other mole, on her neck, very easily at home, I got to the vet and could not find the damn thing. I'm sure that he thought it was a tick that had dropped off. Anyway, I found it again this evening and have trimmed the hair all round it so it should be easier to see next time. No doubt that mole will have to be removed and sent off for analysis as well. Yet more staples. Metal staples in flesh just seem wrong somehow...

The insurance company, Axa, are being a bit of a pain. The first set of claim forms went off to them ages ago: I phoned this week to ask how much longer it was likely to be, and they told me that they needed a full clinical history. Which they had requested from the vet in a letter, sent by post... Needless to say the vet had not had the letter: at least the girl had the decency to sound embarrassed when she told me that they'd posted it! Why they didn't just phone the vet to ask for a copy of the history, I don't know: instead I had to phone the vet and ask them to fax the history over, which they did very promptly.

I really hope that the claim is processed soon!
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